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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

an art nouveau wedding invitation

When I'm designing a new stationery set or invitation suite I'm always inspired by Architecture and/or Art History movements. Last summer I had the privilege of designing a good friend's Wedding Invitation Suite and when she asked me to do so I was more than excited because I knew exactly the style of design she loved...Art Nouveau.

I've known Priscilla since design school and I distinctly remember her love for Alphonse Mucha, so when I started the design process for her invite I immediately grabbed the Art Nouveau history books and sketched and sketched and sketched.

I gathered this visual inspiration to keep me focused and not wander through all of the various motifs found in Art Nouveau. The elongated text layout in this invitation suite was of great inspiration.

After initial comps for the overall design, I created a logo which would be used on the main invitation and throughout various Wedding accessories.

The final pattern design was used as a background on the invitation and RSVP, but elements of it were also used through out the Wedding Invitation Suite, such as the Thank You cards.

For the actual Invite Suite we wanted to create something decorative yet un-traditional so we chose an elongated shape which fit into a #10 policy envelope giving it the modern touch.

The RSVP was laid out with the same format but shorter.

When folded and kept closed with a belly band, both the invitation and rsvp fit snuggley into the envelope.

The color palette was decided upon by the Bride from the beginning, and it was the perfect choice for that modern touch. In the case of the invitation, the frame is teal and the background is purple.

The RSVP used the same colors but in a switched version, where the frame is purple and the background pattern is teal.

In keeping with a sleek and modern feel, I decided to use a shimmery, silver envelope. Address labels decorated with elements taken from the original pattern design added to the over all look and kept the envelope closed.

These wrapped around to the back of the envelope.

Visit the LizzyB Loves website for more images of this Art Nouveau Wedding Invitation Suite.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }


  1. What an honor to be a part of your blog! These invitations were literally a dream come true, absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you again Lizelly for designing the best wedding invitations I've ever seen!!!

  2. Well you're very welcome, Priscilla, I so enjoyed creating them. Maybe I can design your baby shower invites next! :)

    ~ Lizelly

  3. Lizelly you are a godsend. Thank you again for creating these beautiful invitations. You made Priscilla's dream come true.

  4. Hi Lizzy, I think your wedding invites are stunning, you are a super talented lady! I would like to use your pattern on a box I'm making (in New Zealand) and just wanted to check it was okay if I scanned this pattern and plopped it in. :-) Katherine

  5. Hi Katherine, thank you for the kind words. I'd be happy to let you use the pattern, but can you email so I can ask a few more questions, please. Just wondering what the project is for, personal/business? Thanks.
    ~ Lizelly

  6. Hi Lizelly,
    Sure can, what is your email? I'm a small jewellery designer in NZ and am wanting to handmake some boxes to put my jewellery in so that I can sell it to stores or friends. I"d love to use your pattern on the outside of my boxes. The best email to get me on is (its my partners email but I check it.) Do you also do work for overseas clients as I am engaged and may be keen to get your help putting together the invites for our wedding (its till 18 months away but thought it best to ask sooner rather than later)
    :-) Katherine

  7. I just sent you an email, but my email address can be found by clicking on my profile to the right. And yes, I do work with brides all over the world, so it would be a great pleasure to work with you on this exciting process.
    ~ Lizelly

  8. This is an absolutely gorgeous stationery design Lizelly! I'm just starting out designing wedding stationery and your blog is hugely inspiring.


  9. Why thank you very much, Gemma. This was absolutely fun to work on and create the pattern for. Thanks for the feature on your blog!!

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