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Monday, January 24, 2011

a frank lloyd wright {wedding} visual sparkle

I'm in the midst of designing a new Wedding Invitation, get this, with a Frank Lloyd Wright/Sedona theme. Can you imagine the beauty? With some great insight from the future newlyweds I found out that there is a beautiful Church built into the mesas of Sedona inspired by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright.

{ Click on image to view in full }

I took this as my starting point, along with some requests from the soon to be Mr. & Mrs., and created this lovely visual + sparkle = wedding full of pinks, blues and Sedona-colored images. {make sure to click on the image to view in full!}

{ Images Via :: andrew holman :: sedona bride :: megadigpix :: star craft custom builders :: michigan state university museum :: steiner agency :: style me pretty }

Thursday, January 20, 2011

stopping in to say hello

Just stopping in to say hello. It's been a very busy start to the New Year, a great thing, but I still keep you all in my mind as I work.

Here's a little visual eye candy via the very talented Jim Denevan. I came upon his work a while ago and couldn't keep my eyes off of the beautiful, earthy designs he creates with his bare hands (well, and sometimes some help from his pick-up). Check out his site for some more images of this fabulous, large-scale work.

{ Images Via :: Jim Denevan }

Monday, January 10, 2011

what i've been up to

I had mentioned last year that I was starting a Printmaking class...well, it was pretty interesting to learn about the various techniques used in centuries past to create what we so easily create now with digital media. A true eye-opening experience. Here is a sneak peek into my creations while I finalize the photography of the actual pieces:

Lithography - this was my favorite process. I started out using simple, one-dimensional designs just to try out the technique, but WOW did I learn that you can go in so many directions. Igor Koutsenko is one of my new favorite artists which I discovered through the class and he has some fabulous work you can check out here. I'm anxious to try out a few new designs of my own; I'll keep you posted.

Etching - Now this was a long and laborious process, probably my least favorite of all, but it was surely a learning experience in self-discipline.

Collagraphy - This was another of my favorite techniques as well. A fun and mind-boggling process, it's fun to put the pieces together and see something arise on to the thick paper straight off the press.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

Monday, January 3, 2011

a fresh start :: inspiration

Hello All and Happy New Year...may you all keep the spark of 'New Year Energy' throughout the year in hope of accomplishing the goals and resolutions you've set for yourself.

As with all start-of-the-year resolutions, I've resolved to exhibit more of my own work through this blog and less of everyone else' work. After all, you are here to see what I've created, right? I sure hope so. Of course, as mentioned before, there are things out there I totally admire which inspire me to create so I'll share that with you as it pertains to my creations, but I'm trying to make this blog evolve through the growth of LizzyB Loves and make it more personal, so we'll see how it goes.

To start off with the right foot, here are a few quotes I've found which will keep me inspired and focused on the path towards exciting new things.

I've found these 'great words' via Pinterest, my new favorite way of collecting visual inspiration. Here's a sneak peek at my boards:

A fabulous way to catalog the visuals you love.

I'll see you back here soon with a few of my creations from last years Printmaking course...loved it!

{ Images Via :: Pinterest :: Pinterest :: LizzyB Loves on Pinterest }
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