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Friday, January 29, 2010

i can't hear the food

I've been sick for the past week with a pesky cold that's left me stuffy and without any sensory perception. As I was sauteing some ham for breakfast one morning I couldn't even hear the so distinguished sizzle of the meat hitting the hot pan. That's when I realized what a strong role each an every sense has in how you enjoy food...and I mean EVERY sense.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was mid-way in writing for today's posts and I couldn't get Haiti out of my head. Yes, it's been more than two weeks since the devastation and I'm just now posting about it, amidst my rainy day fashions and wedding inspirations (which all seems so vain), but sometimes you can't find the words to express what you feel. All we can do now is hope and pray for a better future for them. May we all be thankful for the safety of our loved ones, and the roof over our heads, for we never know when all this can be taken away.

For more information or to help, please visit,,

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i covet thee

While scouring the net I've found many little things that I'd like to have...

A girl can never have too much jewelry or too many purses; and the red shoes, well, I like a punch of color on my feet; and the orange owl, I saw it on one of my many trips to Anthropologie and I knew I must have it for my kitchen. I've always wanted a cookie jar!!

{ Images Via :: Rachelle D :: Anthropologie :: Sora Designs :: Yes Style :: Coach }

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sanna annukka

I first came across Finnish Illustrator Sanna Annukka's work while searching for inspiration for my 30th birthday invitation (more on that soon...). Her Soul Birds were exactly what I was looking for and I immediately fell in Love. But, that was just the beginning...

This Song Bird illustration created for Zune Originals is my favorite. The rhythm created by the two birds in the middle and the combination of colors evoke Sanna's folklore and inspiration, stemming in part from her childhood camping trips to the Lapland region.

Monday, January 25, 2010

wedding inspirations

Don't get excited, I'm not getting married...yet, but I've created these lovelies over at the San Diego Wedding Insider.

Are you getting married? Head over to the San Diego Wedding Insider for great Weekly Features including more visual inspiration than you can imagine.

{ Image Via :: San Diego Wedding Insider }

Friday, January 22, 2010

happy weekend

It's finally Friday! After a very rainy week I am ready for more rain to keep snuggled and watch some movies. Thank you for accompanying me on this first week of my life as a blogger, I look forward to many more. Stay tuned for much more from LizzyB Loves...Happy Weekend!

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bye, bye coco

It seems like it was yesterday that I was watching Conan O'Brien say goodbye on Late Night...oh, wait a minute, it was! Well, now here we are getting ready to say goodbye again, but this time on The Tonight Show.

Aside from watching Conan for pure enjoyment, I loved watching the colorful!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

it's a rainy {fashion} day

We live in beautiful, sunny San Diego, CA, America's Finest City, but it's not always sun & surf. I, for one, love cloudy, rainy days, as we've been having, so I take advantage of the first drop I feel and bundle up in my cozy sweaters. But, how about something a little more stylish...LizzyB loves rainy day fashions!

{ Images Via :: Sermoneta Gloves :: Brollies Galore :: dav :: Boden }

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

what type are you

In doing my daily blog round I came across this very cool test (from Pentagram) through Design*Sponge. Take a look and try it out (password: character).

I am Marina Script: Emotional, Understated, Traditional, & think?!

{ Image Via :: Pentagram }

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the mexican gets a cooking show

Now, before you think I'm a racist, the words are straight from her blog!

I just saw the promo for her upcoming Food Network show last week, and immediately I thought, "hmmm, someone beat me to it!" (an FN Mexican Food show, that is). Well, in doing research on this beautiful latina I came to find out that we actually have more in common than I had first imagined. She's actually a local Chef (San Diego), born here with family south of the border in Tijuana, where I was born.
So, with all envy aside, keep a look out for her upcoming show, Mexican Made Easy, this Saturday at 9:30 am, on the Food Network. I know it will be a great hit, so tune in and cheer on our local FN Chef!

{ Image Via :: Food Network }

Monday, January 18, 2010

another year, another decade

We may be a bit more than two weeks into the New Year, but for me, this is the first day of MY new decade...I am now 30!!
It may be just another year, but it truly does feel different. A Year to look forward to many new things: new jobs, new businesses, new friends, more trips (Paris & New York...!!), a new blog, and an updated lizzybloves website.
Here's hoping to many new things for everyone...may you all feel like you can fly!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

finally...she starts a blog

Hi and welcome to my blog. A place where I'll post regularly on my musings related to anything and everything having to do with food, fashion, design (g), architecture,
I love the visual, so you'll be seeing many a collage around here full of beautiful eye candy to inspire your next attire, event, home decor or day.
We all need a little distraction from the goings on in life, so relax and peruse around...i'm sure you too will feel inspired to embark on an imaginary visual journey!

{ Image Via :: Jessica Hische }
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