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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sanna annukka

I first came across Finnish Illustrator Sanna Annukka's work while searching for inspiration for my 30th birthday invitation (more on that soon...). Her Soul Birds were exactly what I was looking for and I immediately fell in Love. But, that was just the beginning...

This Song Bird illustration created for Zune Originals is my favorite. The rhythm created by the two birds in the middle and the combination of colors evoke Sanna's folklore and inspiration, stemming in part from her childhood camping trips to the Lapland region.

Sanna has such colorful work, in hues, shapes, and symbols, that I couldn't choose just one to share. Her illustrations remind me of motifs and colors found in Mexican folklore as well, like this skull figure; that's probably what attracted me to her art.

This is just but a small sampling of the great work of Sanna Annukka. Make sure to view more on her website and on Big Active.

{ Images Via :: Big Active }


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