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Thursday, June 30, 2011

busy, busy, busy...

I just received many packages in the mail this week, from printed invitations, to envelopes, to many other goodies.

It's been a busy week here at LizzyB Loves. It's so exciting to see the collaboration between Soon-to-Wed couples and myself come to fruition in the form of their printed invitations!!

One of my favorite parts of the paper goods production process is the straight edges of a freshly cut stack of paper/cards...Love It!

Call me a paper geek, but it was always my favorite task when I worked at an in-house design studio/print shop...and luckily, that duty was always left for me.

And here's yet another teaser of the Arts & Crafts-inspired Wedding Invitation. I promise I'll share the completed suite with you next week.

This is an updated version of the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Wedding Invitation I designed a few months ago and shared here. It has inspired elements from the venue's architectural motifs to give it a more custom feel.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

mexican {tile} inspired wedding invitation

Last Friday I shared with you the patterns I created for a 50th Anniversary Invitation inspired by the venue's tile motifs, well here I have a sneak peek of the final designs just before moving forward to printing.

As mentioned before, the 50th Anniversary Invitations are for my in-laws, you would think traditional damask motifs, but we wanted to give it a modern touch with sans serif fonts and contrasting bright colors such as yellow and black, which match the gold square envelopes.

The initial concept was to go with a Mad Mex (Mad Men goes Mexican) theme, and we kept in that line with the modern typeface, but aside from that all the other details are derived from the venue's tile motifs.

There were four tile pattern designs created in total so we decided to go with four variations of the invitation, all with the same crest forms containing the text and the different patterned background.

The reception card, address label and favor tag all have variations of the motifs on them as well, but you'll have to wait for the final invitation photography to see those. Stay tuned!

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

an arts & crafts wedding invitation {sneak peek}

A bit late in the day, but I was so excited that I just sent these invitations to print I had to share a sneak peek.

I shared the color inspiration in this visual + sparkle = weddings here last Tuesday. This project was on fast-forward from the get-go so I'm glad things went so smoothly with the soon-to-be's and that they were more than happy with the outcome; the digital outcome, that is. I'll share the final pictures in a few weeks when we get the invitations back from the printer, and I'll tell you more about the concept and design...for now, just remember the Gamble House.

{ Image Via :: LizzyB Loves }

Friday, June 24, 2011

inspired mexican {tile} patterns

I've been busy, busy like a bee this week with a couple Wedding Invitations (both with a Frank Lloyd Wright/Arts & Crafts twist) and a 50th Anniversary Invitation.

Well, the 50th Anniversary Invitation just so happens to be for my in-laws, who will celebrate the grand event in an elegant, circular ballroom dating back to the 1930's in Ensenada, Mexico. Of course, I was inspired by the traditional tile work and mosaics which surround the venue, which used to be a Casino & Hotel in its prime and later a military fort during WWII, so I took to sketching, and later digitizing, these gorgeous patterns which I will use throughout the Invitation Suite.

I'll keep you posted on the final invitation soon, but for now enjoy these Mexican-inspired tiles and patterns.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

an arts & crafts {wedding} visual + sparkle

Bare with me for a moment if you please while I go on a little about weddings and the fabulous couples I come into contact with via LizzyB Loves.

{ Click on image to view in full }

As you may know, I haven't had the pleasure of planning my own wedding yet, but I've been in love with paper ephemera all the years of my short (30 years) life, always creating my own stationery and gift-wrapping for holidays and birthdays, as well as Wedding Invitations for most everyone in my family and the love for Wedding Invitation paper goodies is all natural.

Sure, I like creating beautiful layouts and dreaming up interesting and unique concepts for social stationery, but to get the pleasure of working with soon-to-be's with such vision for their Wedding Suite and passion for their roots (no pun intended, as you'll soon read) is just out of this world.

A few days ago, Dallas, the groom, sent me an email praising my work and mentioning that he and his fiance would love to work together with me on creating their Wedding Invitations. But of course, I said, I just needed to ask a few questions regarding their vision and inspiration for the big day. Well, Dallas and Tracy were such sweethearts, they emailed me a complete rundown, sure, of what I had asked for in regards to color and venue choices, but they didn't stop there. They let me in on the history of their families, how they were born, and how their parent's love of nature and architectural elements which honor it, plays a role in their lives; this, in turn, gives way to the appreciation they have for the Arts & Crafts movement.

Dallas and Tracy's only request was that through their Wedding Invitations we " a bit of tribute to where [they] came from and what [their] parents have given [them] in terms of an aesthetic grounding while using [my] talents to craft a unique and dynamic look that would be distinctly [theirs]." Beautiful! And so it will be, Dallas.

This short email conversation with the soon-to-be newlyweds filled me with such inspiration that I'm more than excited to get started on the concept design for the Wedding Invitations. As I was gathering visual imagery to put together this Wedding color palette inspiration, I could imagine the final outcome of their vision combining their heritage and values all on a 5" x 7" piece of paper.

You'll have to wait and see what I create, but for now enjoy this visual + sparkle = inspiration with the gorgeous architecture of the Gamble House in Pasadena, California. As you view it, imagine the couple's love of nature and Arts & Crafts architecture, as well as the beautiful outdoor venue which I envisioned would look something like this.

Now, on to designing since I only have 10 days before going to print. Yikes!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

visual + sparkle = color

Good morning and happy Monday. To start the week off right, I'm sharing this very colorful visual + sparkle = color with a burst of brightness and the cutest little love birds ever.

This is the perfect color palette for Fall, with just enough punch of color for you modern Brides.

{ Image Via :: Pinterest }

Friday, June 10, 2011

an oh happy day {parisian} getaway

Well, it's no secret the love I have for Paris. I've been there twice in my life (and once I wasn't let back home...sort of.) but I could always use another escape to that wonderful city...if only to get a bite of a freshly baked baguette...or croissant...or croque monsieur.

Isn't just my luck that the lovely lady of Oh Happy Day, Jordan Ferney, who is living there with her adorable family, for a year, may I add, is in the midst of holding a contest with a grand prize of a trip for two to Paris. But of course I'm going to enter...and this here is one of my entries. Check it out here.

So, while I daydream of visiting my favorite city in the world, visualize with me as you scroll through these fabulous shots of the city. Enjoy, and wish me bonne chance!

{ Images Via ::  Pinterest :: SFGirlbyBay via Pinterest :: Simply Seductive via Pinterest }

Thursday, June 2, 2011

my favorites from the {minted} holiday challenge

As promised yesterday when I shared my submissions to the Minted Sending Good Cheer Holiday Challenge, here are my favorites from the over 2000 entries to the challenge this year. WOW!!!

As always, the ladies of Alethea & Ruth did there thing and submitted the most beautiful holiday cards. This is ornate but so simple at the same time, with the brown, textured background and the subtle blue tone. Lovely!

This one was my second favorite. They've removed the designer names while the voting is going on, so I don't remember who designed it, but I love the 'folkly' feel to it, with the leaf/flower motifs and the color palette.

And this one really caught my eye due to the illustration...very simple but I love the layering of elements to create the religious scene.

I'll be honest in saying that I'm not a pet person (although my boyfriend so desperately wants a dog...I'm warming up to the idea...sometime in the future! :)p ) I really like this vintage feeling puppy card. I'm loving the way they decorated the doggie bone with holiday motifs.

And this I just thought was so thoughtful the way the placed the paw in the 'O'...perfect for a pet family!

Check out the rest of the submissions on the Minted website. Vote for your favorites!

{ Images Via :: Minted :: Minted :: Minted :: Minted :: Minted }

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

sending good cheer {minted} holiday challenge

I've been busy, busy, busy this past Holiday weekend finalizing designs for this year's Minted Sending Good Cheer Holiday Challenge. I'm happy to say that after all that hard work, long nights, and 24 hours without sleep for the final run, two of the nine designs I submitted were accepted for the voting round!! Yey!!

I spent many hours sketching, tracing, and tweaking some very elaborate Papel Picado designs (which you can see below) for this Holiday Challenge, and its funny to see that the designs I created towards the end of the process, the most simple and minimal, are the ones that made it to the voting round. I do think this is my favorite though!

Here's the second design that made it into the finals. A simplified Christmas Tree formed into my interpretation of a snowflake. Again, simple and minimal...clean.

{ Framed by Papel Picado }

These are the other options I submitted to the Holiday Challenge. Ahhhh, my Papel Picado...

{ Scalloped Papel Picado }

{ Festive Papel Picado Garland }

{ Zig-Zag Tree }

This zig-zag design was my second modern take on a Christmas Tree...I thought it would have made it in.

{ Triangular Wreath }

{ Geometric Wreath }

{ Baby's First Christmas }

There were many fabulous designs submitted for this Sending Good Cheer Holiday Challenge. I'll share my favorites with you tomorrow.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves on Minted :: LizzyB Loves on Minted :: LizzyB Loves :: LizzyB Loves :: LizzyB Loves :: LizzyB Loves :: LizzyB Loves :: LizzyB Loves :: LizzyB Loves }
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