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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

visual + sparkle = color

This photo is a perfect example that inspiration can be found all around us in the most unexpected places. This image of a beautiful duck was taken by the fabulous photographer Paulina Merekiova. I was immediately attracted to that vibrant, orange bill and thought that the muted color palette would be a perfect contrast to its brightness. A very masculine color sequence indeed, but complimentary for a Fall event; not all Weddings have to be pink and girlie...

{ Image Via :: Paulina Merekiova Photography }

Friday, March 25, 2011

happy weekend :: visual + sparkle = color

I was so excited about these new visual + sparkle = color that I had to share another just before I left you for the weekend. I was immediately captivated by this large, pink door and when I saw the aqua shutters right above a new Wedding Invitation color palette sprouted in my mind. Perfect for an early Spring Wedding or Quinceañera, don't you think, while there's still a little chill in the air?

Many new things coming in the month ahead. I just sent out the Frank Lloyd Wright Wedding Invitations I mentioned here so I will share the final pictures of those with you as soon as the soon-to-be newlyweds receive them.

Happy Weekend!

( Image Via :: Paul Johnson Photography }

Thursday, March 24, 2011

visual + sparkle = color

I'm starting a new visual + sparkle category today (well, actually more like transitioning one that was already present), all inspired by this single image I came upon just a few weeks ago: Julianne Moore for Talbots by Mert & Marcus. I immediately fell in love with the color variances of the image and I thought "that would make a fantastic color palette for a Wedding Invitation!"...don't you think?

So, I instantly saved the image to my Pinterest and as the days passed I came across other gorgeous images which caught my eye mainly for their color palette. And so, the new visual + sparkle = color category was born...a place where you'll find an abundance of visual color candy perfect for your Wedding or Quinceañera inspiration...along with the visual + sparkle = inspiration, of course.

The above visual + sparkle = color would be perfect for a late Spring or early Fall Celebration; something close to Summer for the Caribbean-esque aqua tones.

This is a unique color combination that has so much contrast yet still manages to keep some complimentary hues...maybe for a late Summer or early Fall Wedding?!

And this one...well, what can I say?! The colors are so soft, simple and subdued, just as the subject matter is, that it would make a perfect color scene for an early Spring or maybe even a late Fall Wedding; something closer to Winter due to the muted gray tone.

These are just a few of many of the new color inspirations I've put together. I'll be popping in every now and again with a new one as I find more lovely images that inspire me so stay tuned. Make sure to click on the image to view it's source and view more visual + sparkle on my Pinterest.

If you have an image that you love for it's colors and would like me to put together a custom visual + sparkle = color for you, just send me an email with a link to the image. You can find my email under the about section of this blog.

{ Images Via :: Fashion Gone Rogue :: Hel Looks :: Bonnie Tsang Photography }

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

lizzyb loves on facebook + a minted giveaway

I've joined the social networking scene, at last...Like LizzyB Loves on Facebook and enter for a chance to win a Minted stationery set of your choice (a $50 value). After you've Liked LizzyB Loves on FB, come back here and leave a comment to be entered in the drawing (drawing deadline is 3/16/2011 11:59 pm PST).

{ Image Via :: LizzyB Loves }

Friday, March 4, 2011

happy weekend + parisian {photographic} views

I leave you this week with a little peak into Paris. When DON'T I have Paris on the brain?!...never.

I came across this awesome video shot entirely with photographs via Prêt à Voyager. It shows a side of Paris rarely seen by the tourist, at night while the locals are awake. Enjoy, as I transport myself to this gorgeous city just a bit longer.

Happy Weekend.

{ Video Via :: Luke Shepard on Vimeo }

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a frank lloyd wright {wedding} invitation - sneak peak

{ Click on image to view in full }

I had mentioned there were many new projects in the cards for LizzyB Loves this year and one that I just sent to print is this sophisticated yet casual, Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired wedding invitation. I had shown you the Sedona-inspired visual + sparkle a few weeks ago, but after more conversations with the soon-to-be's, and after narrowing down the color palette to the one you see above (all the bride's favorite colors- a tile designer herself), I transformed the once '...pretty and 20's and deco-looking...' inspiration into a more '...masculine-feminine balanced and more creative and fun and bold...' looking one; this in the words of Meg, the future bride.

Here's a sneak peak into the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired wedding invitation suite: the invitation above with a custom-designed pattern...

...and the rsvp following in the same motifs which are used throughout the entire wedding invitation suite. I think a success in accomplishing the 'creative, fun, and bold' requirement! {make sure to click on the visual + sparkle image to view in full!}

{ Images Via :: lizzyb loves :: style me pretty :: colourful cambridge campaign }

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

it's been a while...

Wow, I can't believe a whole month has past and I haven't shown my face around here!! The entire month of February has been a very exciting, active, life-changing one. Great things have happened, and some not so great ones that in the end have made me stronger. There were some fun, new projects (which I'll share with you by the end of the week), a few moves from one apartment, to another...and to another, but now, everything is just starting to adjust to the way it has to be.

I'll tell you a little about my life the last couple of years: about two and a half years ago my boyfriend (I guess I can call him my husband now after more than eleven years together, right?) and I moved to L.A. in search of grand new adventures only to be returning a year later to San Diego after the death of my brother. Ever since we moved out of our own place back those almost three years ago we've been living with relatives from one place to another. Of course, we are greatly appreciative for the help we received, but hey, after a while you yearn for your own place.

Well, finally this beginning of February, we were unexpectedly given the opportunity to move into our own place, and, get this, the same exact building we left those three years ago. It's been a very difficult three years, with many attempts at starting my own [stationery] business and other design projects, but always having to put things on hold due to financial reasons. This year started like no other, with many new projects and adventures, and now that I am back where I never should have left in the first place it feels as if things are settling where they have to in order to move forward and CHASE my dreams. It is totally a full circle experience and many new ideas are in the cards.

I chose these wonderful illustrations by talented illustrator/designer Zara Picken, whom I've shared before, because they drew me in with the bright, yet soft, colors. And now that I review this post it seems as though they are a perfect fit. Check her site out for more great work.

{ Images Via :: Zara Illustrates }
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