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Thursday, March 24, 2011

visual + sparkle = color

I'm starting a new visual + sparkle category today (well, actually more like transitioning one that was already present), all inspired by this single image I came upon just a few weeks ago: Julianne Moore for Talbots by Mert & Marcus. I immediately fell in love with the color variances of the image and I thought "that would make a fantastic color palette for a Wedding Invitation!"...don't you think?

So, I instantly saved the image to my Pinterest and as the days passed I came across other gorgeous images which caught my eye mainly for their color palette. And so, the new visual + sparkle = color category was born...a place where you'll find an abundance of visual color candy perfect for your Wedding or Quinceañera inspiration...along with the visual + sparkle = inspiration, of course.

The above visual + sparkle = color would be perfect for a late Spring or early Fall Celebration; something close to Summer for the Caribbean-esque aqua tones.

This is a unique color combination that has so much contrast yet still manages to keep some complimentary hues...maybe for a late Summer or early Fall Wedding?!

And this one...well, what can I say?! The colors are so soft, simple and subdued, just as the subject matter is, that it would make a perfect color scene for an early Spring or maybe even a late Fall Wedding; something closer to Winter due to the muted gray tone.

These are just a few of many of the new color inspirations I've put together. I'll be popping in every now and again with a new one as I find more lovely images that inspire me so stay tuned. Make sure to click on the image to view it's source and view more visual + sparkle on my Pinterest.

If you have an image that you love for it's colors and would like me to put together a custom visual + sparkle = color for you, just send me an email with a link to the image. You can find my email under the about section of this blog.

{ Images Via :: Fashion Gone Rogue :: Hel Looks :: Bonnie Tsang Photography }


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