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Monday, September 27, 2010

visual + sparkle = baby shower

{ Click on image to view in full }

I've just sent the Quinceañera invitations I was working on to print...YES!! I'll show you the completed suites when I put them together and photograph them. But now, it's time to move on to Baby Shower invitations, which I have to complete in less than two weeks...yikes! So, to get my juices flowing with ideas and color inspiration I've created this bright visual + sparkle to keep close. {make sure to click on the image to view in full!}

I'm amassing quite a group of visual/color inspirations so I've also started a new category to find them all in one place, at a click of a link: visual + sparkle = inspiration. Enjoy the colorfulness!!

{ Images Via - starting from top left, down and up towards the right :: Wiley Valentine :: Holy Sweet :: Karen Wise Photography :: Amy Atlas Events :: Little Pink Plums }

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the world's {cutest} stop-motion film

A true must see...Gabriel passed this along via and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Really, the imagination (and patience) some people have to construct such elaborate creations...I'm amazed.

Isn't it sweet?! What detail! I'm loving the textures and materials used for the various objects, such as the pencil scraps representing the waves.

{ Video Via :: }

Friday, September 17, 2010

urban de falla

I'm sending you off this weekend with a great music pick. Not just because they're family, but Urban De Falla just released their first album,'s FABULOUS!!!!!!

Check out some of the tracks on MySpace, Like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter. But, if there's only one thing you do in your for them on the Bacardi B-Live site for a SUPER chance at recording with a major label.

Happy Weekend!!

{ Image Via :: Urban De Falla }

a glimpse at quinceañera invitations

Just popping in to share with you a few comps for the Quinceañera invitation I'm working on. I've already shared with you the visual + sparkle here and invitation inspiration here, so now, take a glimpse at a few of the designs I created inspired be these.

This was the first one I created (you must click on all the images to view in its entirety), and I feel it shows precisely everything exhibited in the visual + sparkle, no? The background designs are reminiscent of Art Deco motifs, giving that Hollywood Glamorous touch.

This is a simplified rendition of the first comp...crisp, clean and classic with the typography as the main design element.

Now here is the chosen one! I've included a frame around the entire silhouette and also oriented the design diagonally to give it a modern/graphic touch, but still keeping it sophisticated enough for a Quinceañera Invitation.

I'm finalizing the rest of the pieces so I'll share some photographs of the entire suite as soon as it's done.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

it looks

Some very cool ads via Fubiz. I'm loving the porky below!!

{ Images Via :: }

Friday, September 3, 2010

farewell soft lights

The end of summer is near. It was only yesterday that I was anxiously awaiting the start of Spring and in celebration I had this sweet gift for you. Now, we're bidding the Summer of 2010 farewell. May we see a new and refreshed season next year, ready for dinners under beautifully lit heart lights.

Yesterday was a very eventful day, both sad and happy news. I've met people I was only now intended to meet and I've witnessed the sickness of someone so close to me in blood, yet so far away in spirit. May this new season bring better things to all of us, and may new relationships be born if they are meant to be.

See you next week. Have a great Labor Day!

{ Image Origin Unknown }

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

vintage {color} wedding inspiration

Hi, hope you've had a great week (since last Wednesday :) ). Today I have something different for you. Gabe passed this very cool video along which he found via, and I thought it would be of great color inspiration for you soon to be brides. They're gorgeous!!!!

Now this is true 'Vintage'!!! Aren't the colors beautiful? Enjoy.

{ Video Via :: }
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