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Thursday, November 18, 2010

an addition to my {art} collection

I'd promised I would peek my head in if I found something that truly merited sharing. Well, I've fallen in love with these gorgeous paintings from Peggy Wolf Design.

I was immediately captivated by those large, brown eyes and immersed by the vibrant, rosy colors; I'm loving the contrast of turquoise and oranges. This just might be my next acquisition!

This reminds me of Amy Winehouse (love her singing). It seems very refreshing and summery with the green summer dress. I really like the textured background in this one, as compared to the other two with pink backgrounds I showcase here.

And this one is so elegant; a very proper woman with her beaded necklace and coiffed hair-do. Love the color palettes in all three paintings. Check out Peggy Wolf's Etsy shop to get your own piece of Peggy Wolf Design.

{ Images Via :: Peggy Wolf Design on Etsy }

Friday, November 12, 2010

happy weekend + minted wedding invitations

I'm on to the first round of voting for the Minted Happily Ever After Wedding Challenge. Go on there and vote...please!

Although my City Lights was the only design which made it through this time around, I have a few favorites from other fabulous designers...check them out:

This was my absolute favorite invitation. The ladies of Alethea and Ruth truly have the most sophisticated design sense with a touch of folk thrown in. I totally fell in love with this design, I couldn't keep my eyes off it, every single word is set appropriately in its place be it in a banner or in the logo. Perfect!!! I loved these ladies' designs so much I couldn't decide which to showcase, check out my other favorites here and here.

This design caught my eye due to the unique take on Japanese Washi tape. The perfect design motif in the varying patterns.

I'm always looking for uniqueness in invitation design, which this time around was sprinkeled sparingly in the Wedding Challange, but this design by lehan paper design fit the bill perfectly with the report card concept. Interesting!

Have a great weekend, see you next week!

{ Images Via :: Minted }

Monday, November 8, 2010

happily ever after {minted} wedding invitations

I'm back at it again. Minted, in collaboration with, recently had their biggest challenge ever...a Wedding Invitation Challenge. I entered a few of my creations for a chance at launching my own line of wedding invitations with Minted.

I kept away from the typical floral backgrounds this time around and focused on a more modern take on the Wedding Invitation. Perfect for the contemporary urban couple looking for something different for their big day.

Background textures, gradients, and geometric shapes make these designs uniquely graphic.

This is the perfect Wedding Invitation for the city couple.

Check all of these designs out on Minted and vote!!

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

Thursday, November 4, 2010

the perfect pair

It's been a while since I've bought myself a decent pair of shoes. I've lived in my black Cons for the better part of ten years (hey, I work from home, no need for more shoes) so when I set my big brown eyes on the gorgeous Chie Mihara Collection I fell in love. One of each PLEASE!!

These could very well replace my every day Converse.

Check out her complete fall collection and gaze for yourself. From her site, "Chie's goal in designing footwear is to create styles that are feminine, fun, and truly comfortable", the latter being the most important point for me.

{ Images Via :: Chie Mihara }

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

unbelievable carpets

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay...I'm just in awe as to what I have to share with you today. It involves many of the things I enjoy: pattern, 'textiles', design, food, toys...and you won't believe the imagination these artist have to create them.

I came across these fabulous creations of 'carpet' installations by We Make Carpets via Anthology, and when I started reading the descriptions and the materials they used I was blown away. I couldn't conceive of how anyone could have the mind to create such elaborate art pieces out of such common, and small objects.

Look at the details! Of course, there are some very talented and genius people out there. Sometimes I think: "why didn't I think of that?" (maybe I'm not that genius :P). Aren't these fabulous?!

Can you imagine sitting there and setting all of these up with such minute objects?

I have such a large collection of disposable eating utensils that I can totally create a carpet like this one.

This is my favorite, made out of cotton cleaning products I imagine it to be so soft and cuddly. Unfortunately they're all temporary and one can't roll around in them.

These are only a few examples of my favorites. You have to visit the We Make Carpets blog to be as blown away as I was with all of their designs. Check out the Wounded Carpet (can you imagine what it's made up of?) as well as the Army Carpet. Wow!!

{ Images Via :: We Make Carpets }

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

mad men withdrawl

Although Gabe and I usually wait for the complete season of Mad Men to come out on DVD before we watch it, just knowing that this season is over makes me crave it more. But well, this means that we'll soon be sitting on our bed for a few hours straight watching episode after episode.

To keep me appeased while the months pass until I have the new season in my hands, I stare at these fantastic illustrations of some of my favorite characters from the series, which I came across via Stanley Chow Illustration & Design. What girl wouldn't want to stare at Don Draper all day long!!?

Miss Holloway...I envy those sexy curves!

And Peggy, well...she's got the smarts.

{ Images Via :: Stanley Chow Illustration & Design }

Monday, November 1, 2010

the beauty of ink

As a paper ephemera designer ink is always on my mind. I came across this very cool video of how ink is made, via Paper Dahlia, and it's a great insight as to the process. Accompanied by some great music, the visuals are are art in themselves.

{ Video Via :: The Printing Ink Company }
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