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Friday, July 30, 2010

visual + sparkle = quinceañera

So I'm starting a new category today, being that I haven't seen very many 'Quinceañera' inspirations around I thought I would start my own for all of those modern and gorgeous soon to be 'señoritas'.

{ Click on image to view in full }

I'd mentioned before that I had been commissioned to design a Quinceañera invitation for the fall, and I'm just getting started with research on papers and other materials, so I thought I would create a few visual + sparkles to get my, and the young ladies, juices flowing. The colors they've chosen are black and purple, yes, very modern and elegant to have black as a main color for a Quinceañera, but the times are surely changing.

This is my favorite inspiration board. Taking the main colors they chose, I immediately started thinking of Old Hollywood Glam-our, so I completed the palette with a cream, mint, and gray as accent colors. You absolutely have to see this visual + sparkles enlarged, so click on each collage to view in its entirety...there's more to see!

{ Click on image to view in full }

Here I added a touch of Sweet Girly-ness with the pink paired as well with an off-white a slate color to keep the feel modern and sophisticated...but young.

{ Click on image to view in full }

And this is a more modern play on the first color palette, turning the saturation up to give it a younger and more playful essence. We'll see which options they choose. I'll for sure keep you posted on the process of this great invitation.

{ Images Via :: Style Me Pretty :: 100 Layer Cake :: Flights of Fancy :: FFFFound :: Trendland :: Flickr :: Fashion Gone Rogue :: The Sweetest Occasion :: MLP :: Carl Bengtsson }

Thursday, July 29, 2010

ready for a smile

How can you not crack even a smirk when viewing this?! It's just the perfect pick-me-up for starting the day.

Have a great day and look out for those dancers!!

{ Video Via :: YouTube }

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

la ballena de jonas

A couple of weeks ago Gabriel and I attended a great concert. His cousin, Jorge, plays in an awesome band called La Ballena de Jonas, and they had the great privilege of playing with the Baja California Orchestra, so when we were invited to attend we knew we were in for an interesting night.

La Ballena is a great fusion of Gypsy rhythms and Mediterranean sounds so when combined with the symphonic melodies of the orchestra you can just imagine...take a listen.

I love the colors they're using in some of there branding...this is a cool illustration and would make a great decal.

This was a sold out event, which was great for the guys, but if you're in the San Diego/Tijuana area on the 28th of August make sure to take the opportunity to see them at the boardwalk in Playas de Tijuana!!

{ Images Via :: La Ballena de Jonas }

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

she has arrived

Good morning all. Today I have for you a LizzyB creation, something I haven't shared in a while. About a month ago I shared with you some holiday card designs I created for the Minted Holiday Challenge, of which one was inspired by this Birth Announcement I designed for my good friends' new baby, who was born just a week ago.

This was a simple and sophisticated folded card which she could use to place the newborn's image in the space provided inside the scalloped frame. I chose a soft, metallic, rosy color palette for the card and envelope, and accented with light aqua and brown. The script typeface gives it a touch of elegance, yet the sans serif Universe font keeps if modern.

The inside shows the pertinent information surrounded by the same scalloped frame as in the front, with a lined banner serving as a background.

As a small detail in the front, I placed the month and year of her birth beneath the frame.

I also designed a personalized gift wrap using Zoe's, the newborn, initial as a motif and creating a pattern. I played around with placement and color to create interesting shapes.

And here's the wrapped birth announcements. I used the same scalloped frame as a label for a special message for the new parents. Congratulations Jazmine & Christian on your new arrival...a lovely sister to Anette!

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

Monday, July 26, 2010

zara {picken} illustrates

It's a new week and I have some great illustration finds via ShareSomeCandy...which I love!!

These unique illustrations come via Zara Picken, a fantastic English illustrator, who describes her work as 'retro-tinted with textured blocks of colour'. Love it!

I'm loving her use of color and texture...something I'm seeing a lot of recently. Very 'retro' as she so describes. And I just noticed the positioning of these cool is that?!

I love the top image here of the women's curvy silhouette holding the telephones. Reminds me of 'Joan' from Mad Men (oh Mad Men, I miss you so...).

{ Images Via :: Zara Illustrates }

Friday, July 23, 2010

happy weekend + dining al fresco

Another week come and gone. We're about to start the last week of July and San Diego is still in gloomy, gray weather. Where have the summer days gone? I keep my eyes pasted on these beautiful outdoor dining images to imagine myself sitting under refreshing trees in my outdoor dining area and enjoying a delicious meal 'Al Fresco' with my loved ones. Ahhh...what a great way to spend a warm summer evening!!

Have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday!

{ Images Via :: Haute Design :: Style Me Pretty :: Desire to Inspire }

Thursday, July 22, 2010

illustration crush

I just finished submitting another Minted Challenge design and as I was perusing the creations of the other designers I came across Mandy Gordon's cutest illustrations.

I've shared my love of owls before, so when I saw Mandy's colorful owl versions I fell in love. A perfect Valentine's card.

I love her use of bright colors, so in right now with the neons.

And she has a great collection of pattern designs as well. Check out her stationery designs on Minted...perfect for any occasion.

{ Images Via :: Mandy's Creative Situation }

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

it's an audrey type of day

Sometimes you wake up and can barely get out of bed. Other times you just pop-up from under the covers with a great big smile on your face. Today, is that type of day for me. Funny thing is I didn't realize it until I was in the shower...I noticed myself smiling and humming tunes from West Side Story while I was washing my hair.

I'm a great admirer of Audrey Hepburn. Her beauty and sophistication always make me smile. This image is a perfect example of how I feel today: smiley with large, shimmering eyes and thinking of wonderful things! (click on the image to view in its full's gorgeous close up at 2000 pixels wide!)

{ Image Via :: Audrey Hepburn Complex }

Monday, July 19, 2010

madame ur

I'm back with some music and today I'm loving Madame Ur y Sus Hombres.

This fabulous image was taken by photographer Aldo Guerra Cota and styled by Cathy Alberich. A perfect example of the exuberant vintage feel of Madame Ur's style and music.

I learned of this awesome Tijuana-based quartet via La Ballena de Jonas (whom I'll share with you later) and instantly fell in love with their music. Hopefully I'll be able to see them live soon. Check more of them out here.

{ Image Via :: Cathy Alberich }

Friday, July 16, 2010

happy weekend + a paper-cut city

Hello hello. In keeping with yesterdays post about paper-cuts, I bid you a happy weekend with these fantastic paper-cut city landscapes by who else but my new favorite designer Julene Harrison.

Of course, NYC. You've got everything in there from the Empire State Building, the Broadway Theatre Masks 42nd St. sign. Love It!

Paris...couldn't be more enchanting!

And lastly, London. I love the intricate details found amongst the swirlies.

Have a great weekend. Hope it's a nice a cool one, unlike the mugginess here in San Diego! :) See you Monday.

{ Images Via :: Mady by Julene }

Thursday, July 15, 2010

papercut {wedding} stationery

When I started seeing paper-cut creations towards the end of last year in the advertising industry I knew the art process would be a big hit in the wedding industry as well, especially for wedding stationery.

I came across this awesome paper-cut wedding invitation by British Illustrator Julene Harrison via Oh So Beautiful Paper and I just had to share. You know I'm just in love with this process and the creations that artists such as Rob Ryan and Famille Summerbelle dream up.

Isn't this gorgeous? As I've mentioned before, it boggles my mind just to think of the process of designing and cutting every single piece. Ahhh, sometimes we just have to accept our capacities...and go out and commission a piece from a great artist like Julene. :)

{ Images Via :: Made By Julene }

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

le petit graphiste

Having participated in the Minted Holiday Card Spectacular gave me the opportunity to meet many great designers. Being a fan of origami, these cute pattern creations by Le Petit Graphiste immediately drew me in. I'm loving all the dainty details and motifs. I especially love the various color palettes.

They would all go great as wall hangings grouped together by color. Instant art piece! Check out her site for more information on this origami craft pad creation.

{ Images Via :: Le Petit Graphiste }

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the colossal colosseo

Good morning. I came across this awesome type piece via the always fabulous Graphic-Exchange. You probably won't notice anything special from the image above, but take a look below...

This is another example of how having passion for something and sticking to it can lead you to a great outcome. This took the better part of a year to complete, and it shows.

Inspired, obviously, by the Colosseo during a 10 year wedding anniversary trip to Italy, Designer Cameron Moll pieced each and every letter together to create the distinct elements of the Italian structure.

Here's a close look at the detail put into every angle. You can see the orientation of the letters represent the various arches and nooks. Below is a video from the printers at Bjørn Press in Utah, showcasing the process of putting this piece on paper. A great behind the scenes.

{ Images & Video Via :: Colosseo Type }

Monday, July 12, 2010

i'm back with joy

Hello all and welcome to a new week. I'm back from a little blogging break I gave myself last week to dedicate a bit more time to working on a few small projects, of which I'll let you in on in a few. I'm ready to start the week off refreshed and with joy...after all, the sun is finally peeking through the gray haze here in San Diego (although, I do love those overcast days, too).

Here's a little floral joy from The Wheat Fields of Katie Daisy. I always love her work.

{ Image Via :: Katie Daisy on Etsy }

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

there's more to typography

Hello all, hope you had a great 4th of July weekend. It was a fun weekend for me, with an exciting baseball game with fireworks show on Friday, and a trip to the San Diego County Fair on Sunday.

This weekend full of family fun made me realize that there is more to life than work, work, work. Sure, one can be lucky and have their work be their life's joy, but you have to give yourself a break every now and then to get refreshed and filled with joy again.

I came across this interesting typography poster (with a great message) via FFFFound. Created by the talented Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk, I'm really liking the way the letters morph into one another. Check out his site for a cool behind the scenes of this t-shirt design...and while you're there, buy one!

I'm taking advantage of the vibe from this past Holiday Weekend and taking the rest of the week to catch up on some fun work. If I come across some great finds I'll pop in, if not I'll see you next week. Have a great one.

{ Images Via :: Ugmonk }

Friday, July 2, 2010

happy weekend + firework brights

Yes, we're finally at the weekend, and a long weekend at that. Here's a bright visual + sparkle of July 4th fire colors, which are always my favorite part of this Independence Day celebration. I've been known to drive an hour just to see a great fireworks show, :)!

Have a great Holiday weekend and I'll see you back here on Tuesday with some LizzyB Loves projects.

{ Images Via :: flickr :: flickr :: flickr :: flickr }
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