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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

rob ryan

Good morning all. I've posted a little something from Rob Ryan's work before...for Valentine's weekend, and I promised I'd post a little something else. Here's a sneak into a very minimal part of his work...I love it!!

Ahhh, doesn't it seem from what I've posted so far that he's a very mushy and romantic guy?! :)P

But this is just the beginning...Rob's work has been commissioned for various Vogue covers, book covers, and museum exhibits. See more of his amazing work on his newly launched site.

I'm not quite sure how his work process evolves, hand drawing, to hand-cut, to screen-print?...but it's obvious that he has a great talent...and patience! Check out his blog for more insight into his work and Etsy shop if you want one of these fabulous creations for your self.

{ Images Via :: Rob Ryan }


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