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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

la chelly cumple treinta...the decor

Good morning everybody. Wow, three morning posts in a row. Lets hope I can keep this up!

In keeping with last weeks post regarding my 30th Birthday celebration, today I'll share with you some of the cool decor pieces I created to ambient the event. The 'Mexico' headline pictured above I found in a magazine and it set the tone for the vibrant colors of the event.

In keeping with the Mexican-themed party, I wanted to create a Papel Picado garland to stream across the room, but update it a bit with some modern geometric shapes for the cut-outs as well as for the banner itself. I used a triangular shape for the banners, very typical of the fun garlands you see in decor these days.

I started out by stapling together a large stack of tissue paper in various bright colors. Then I sketched out the triangular shapes for the banners and let loose on sketching out different designs...

...which I would then cut out.

I cut out a '30' on some...

...and an 'L' (my initial) on others. Mostly I drew simple shapes that would be easy to cut out with the Exacto.

My mom helped me string all of the banners together to form the garland, it took a while, but the end result was fantastic! Everyone was surprised to find out that I had actually cut every single one by hand.

Some of the other elements I used to decorate the venue were candles inspired by Mexican Saint candles which I wrapped in vellum...

...with various design motifs I created and printed out.

As well as tissue paper Pom Poms which I kept flat on one side to be able to stick on the walls rather than hanging them from the ceiling.

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