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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the third & the seventh...a visual journey

A visual journey through a photographer's eye! An homage to the third and seventh art.

View full screen and enjoy with the volume on before reading more.

Nothing more can be said about this true work of art, but I must express what I feel after having seen it many times over and over again. I love photography and I have a great appreciation for architecture so to have come across this little gem is a real treat.

At first I was in awe of the beautiful angles and compositions chosen by the 'creative eye'. The textures, the light, the sounds, the colors, the shapes...such attention to every little detail. I watched all the while wondering if this was for real, comparing one scene to the next and trying to take in the relationship between each; I had chills down my spine all through viewing it. Then, come to find out, this is actually a Full CG-animated piece (inspired by actual buildings), well that really through me aback. That only proves that this truly is a labor of love and commitment, and the attention to detail only gains more merit.

Artist Alex Roman spent the better part of a year creating this visual 3d stunner. Visit his site for more in-depth information and photographic stills. For insight as to how this was created and where the inspiration came from read this interview and you'll see it in a new light (sorry, interview is in Spanish). Watch it on Vimeo for a Full HD experience.

This is a great find via Graphic-ExchanGE, I must credit Fabien Barral's keen curatorial eye for design. Check out his site for the best in Graphic Design.

{ Images Via :: The Third & The Seventh }


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