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Thursday, November 18, 2010

an addition to my {art} collection

I'd promised I would peek my head in if I found something that truly merited sharing. Well, I've fallen in love with these gorgeous paintings from Peggy Wolf Design.

I was immediately captivated by those large, brown eyes and immersed by the vibrant, rosy colors; I'm loving the contrast of turquoise and oranges. This just might be my next acquisition!

This reminds me of Amy Winehouse (love her singing). It seems very refreshing and summery with the green summer dress. I really like the textured background in this one, as compared to the other two with pink backgrounds I showcase here.

And this one is so elegant; a very proper woman with her beaded necklace and coiffed hair-do. Love the color palettes in all three paintings. Check out Peggy Wolf's Etsy shop to get your own piece of Peggy Wolf Design.

{ Images Via :: Peggy Wolf Design on Etsy }


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