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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

colorful retro-ness

Color is everywhere now-a-days: in the floral patterns of summer dresses, the ornate motifs of a wedding invitation, and even the textured fabric of a living room's drapes. Browsing around yesterday on Junia Isabel's blog, a new find, I came across the most colorful array of letters.

Created by Jason Hill Design, this is a collection of vintage letter-forms, as seen through the Hipstamatic iphone app. I love the deep saturated colors.

Of course I had to do some more digging around Jason Hill Design's Etsy shop and I found even more colorful imagery full of retro-ness thanks to the Hipstamatic iphone app...I so need an iphone!!

I love the minty-green glow of this one, and the composition is very interesting, too.

Aren't these the coolest? The contrast between dark and lights paired with the deep saturation really draw me into the images...such a glow-y feel.

Check out Jason Hill's sites for more illustration, design, and photographic work...a great artist.

{ Images Via :: Junia Isabel :: Jason Hill Design on Etsy }

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