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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

an animated {sherwin-williams} color palette

Through my daily blog roll I was reminded of one of the most creative commercials I've seen in some time, via the OrangeBeautiful Scoop. I had seen these colorful commercials throughout last week, and every single time they made me smile, but I really had to pay close attention to see every little detail. This is one of the four print ads which will be run in Architectural Digest, among other magazines.

This is one of the commercials airing right now. Doesn't it make you smile with joy when seeing all the vibrant colors, and imagining they're all paint chips? You can catch the other commercial here, even the music fills you with glee.

These are a couple more of the print ads created by talented paper sculptor Matthew Sporzynski, of Real Simple magazine fame.

You can view more colorful images on Sherwin-Williams' Facebook Album.

{ Images Via :: Sherwin-Williams on Facebook }


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