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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

owl baby shower invitations

As promised, I have for you the Owl Baby Shower invites I designed for my cousin Silvanna.

I took inspiration for the owl illustration from the cute owl stuffed toy she created for the center pieces, which you can see here.

I added a cross-hatch pattern as a background to the body of the owl to add sense of texture to the design.

Each of the Owl Baby Shower invites were cut individually by hand to create the owl shape around the top of the elongated invitation.

These were then glued on to a hot pink backer to act as a frame to the white Eames Paper from Neenah Paper.

The back of the invite showcases the pertinent information, and as a design element, shows the backside of the owl as you would see from behind.

I also created complimenting address labels with the branch motif used on the invitation itself and the diagonal line block as well.

The branch also has a wooden texture to give the design more dimension.

I've always loved the way crisp, cut paper looks and feels...and to imagine all this was cut by hand, I'm surprised it's so straight!

The paper stock and envelope (also from the Neenah Paper Eames Collection) have a great textured pattern which only added to the overall feel and dimension of the textured motifs throughout the invite set.

The complete Owl Baby Shower invitation set consisted of an elongated, double-sided invitation slipped into a #10 policy envelope sealed with a long address label. Bright and colorful!

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  1. i love the invitations!!! my sister is having a baby and i would love to have invitations like this but in purple. is there a way to get some like this??? where can i go??

  2. Hello Natalie...thanks for the great comments!! As you can read in the description above I designed these especially for my cousin's baby shower. I'd be more than happy to customize these for your sister, in purple (i've got the perfect Eames paper/envelope in mind) just email me and we can go from there, I'd need to know how many you need and when you need them by to write up a proposal. Thanks again!! :)

  3. Soooooo cute....I wish i made my invitations more by hand...which i really like the ease of just designing, printing, and straight cuts. When I get more time, I will be more hands on! LOVE THE DESIGN!


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