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Friday, June 10, 2011

an oh happy day {parisian} getaway

Well, it's no secret the love I have for Paris. I've been there twice in my life (and once I wasn't let back home...sort of.) but I could always use another escape to that wonderful city...if only to get a bite of a freshly baked baguette...or croissant...or croque monsieur.

Isn't just my luck that the lovely lady of Oh Happy Day, Jordan Ferney, who is living there with her adorable family, for a year, may I add, is in the midst of holding a contest with a grand prize of a trip for two to Paris. But of course I'm going to enter...and this here is one of my entries. Check it out here.

So, while I daydream of visiting my favorite city in the world, visualize with me as you scroll through these fabulous shots of the city. Enjoy, and wish me bonne chance!

{ Images Via ::  Pinterest :: SFGirlbyBay via Pinterest :: Simply Seductive via Pinterest }


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