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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

sending good cheer {minted} holiday challenge

I've been busy, busy, busy this past Holiday weekend finalizing designs for this year's Minted Sending Good Cheer Holiday Challenge. I'm happy to say that after all that hard work, long nights, and 24 hours without sleep for the final run, two of the nine designs I submitted were accepted for the voting round!! Yey!!

I spent many hours sketching, tracing, and tweaking some very elaborate Papel Picado designs (which you can see below) for this Holiday Challenge, and its funny to see that the designs I created towards the end of the process, the most simple and minimal, are the ones that made it to the voting round. I do think this is my favorite though!

Here's the second design that made it into the finals. A simplified Christmas Tree formed into my interpretation of a snowflake. Again, simple and minimal...clean.

{ Framed by Papel Picado }

These are the other options I submitted to the Holiday Challenge. Ahhhh, my Papel Picado...

{ Scalloped Papel Picado }

{ Festive Papel Picado Garland }

{ Zig-Zag Tree }

This zig-zag design was my second modern take on a Christmas Tree...I thought it would have made it in.

{ Triangular Wreath }

{ Geometric Wreath }

{ Baby's First Christmas }

There were many fabulous designs submitted for this Sending Good Cheer Holiday Challenge. I'll share my favorites with you tomorrow.

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