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Monday, April 5, 2010

it's an odd day

Wow, with the earthquake felt yesterday and the sudden pouring rain today (just now, after the beautiful, sunny morning) it feels like quite an odd day.

These lovely books keep me calm and help me envision a rainy afternoon snuggled in a cozy chair while reading them. Ahh, peace!

The very talented Coralie Bickford-Smith works as a senior cover designer at Penguin Books and she is behind the revamped designs for these classics. Of course, as you might expect, I am in LOVE with all the beautiful patterns.

Love the peacock feathers and the simple contrast of white on black. Each pattern design was chosen perfectly to give a hint at the subject matter of each story.

Perfect color palette.

I like the simplicity of the clocks, yet it's so decorative when they're converted into this pattern.

Same goes for these scissors...and how significant they are in the theme of the story.

Waves of The Odyssey.

I love the color palette on this one, too.

Visit Coralie's site for examples of other great Penguin Book covers, and visit Design*Sponge for a quick insight into her design process.

{ Images Via :: Coralie Bickford-Smith }


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