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Thursday, April 29, 2010

vanity barcodes

Hello all, I'm a bit late posting today but I've been working hard all week and just got a chance to touch my computer.

Thought I'd share some cool barcodes I found the other day via ShareSomeCandy. It's finally the barcode's turn.

Aren't these the greatest? As a student in design school I remember always being reminded by teachers to include the barcode on packaging designs and we would always grunt at the thought of those black bars ruining our designs. I'm sad to say that no one ever thought of a creative way of incorporating them into our designs (doesn't say much about our creativity, huh?!). Well, the folks at Vanity Barcodes got it right. These are just a small sampling of my favorite designs, but they have other great examples on their site and can even design a particular one for your product. Make sure to check them out!

{ Images Via :: Vanity Barcodes }


  1. love the flower one used it on my website!

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Hi. Thanks for the input.

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