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Thursday, April 1, 2010


I love my daily dose of candy. Through it I came across the most ingenious use of paper collage with Paste.

Artist Denise Fiedler uses vintage books and flash cards collected through her many years of flea marketing and creates the most adorable collages. Of course I would post this Eiffel Tower and Chrysler building collage first!

With inspiration stemming from fashion, furniture, architecture, animals, and portraits amongst others, I wasn't able to choose just one to post.

So I went with my gut and chose the first ones that sparked my attention in each category. I love the details and textures created by the various font sizes.

This is my favorite of the chairs. I could so see an assortment of these hung in a living room. There are soooo many more to view on her site, so make sure to visit and spend a while viewing one by one.

She even creates custom pieces of your favorite pet or favorite person. This could be a great wedding gift...maybe a portrait of the newlyweds!

Thanks Denise for your wonderful and fun work. It certainly put a smile on my face.

{ Images Via :: Paste }

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