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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

carla morrison

I'm usually the last one to learn of anything new. There's so much going on these days, and especially with all the social media outlets, anything new seems old by tomorrow. But well, I love my finds, be them from yesterday or a few months (or years) ago; they're new to me.

That being said, I came across another great voice thanks to Gabriel (we like to call him the human jukebox). She might have released her first EP a few months ago (thus my rant above, :) ) but the fact that I just learned of her existence is from pure curiosity. You see, Gabriel being the loving boyfriend he is, lent me his Ipod this past week for my commute into work, and as I was deleting all of his music so I could upload my own I saw Carla Morrison's name and thought to myself, "hmmm, that name looks interesting. Might be a new 'Chic Geek'* songstress I just have to listen to." So, I left her song on the Ipod to listen to later.

On my way back home from work I tuned into my saved song to unwind from the days duties, and to my surprise Carla Morrison's song 'Esta Soledad' was exactly the type of song I was hoping it would be. Totally another Chic Geek to add to my music library.

Her voice is soft and melodic, and has that indie, alternative, Latin touch which I so enjoy (as these two I've posted about before here and here do). Come to find out as I was doing some research on her, she's from Baja California; a 'Paisana' we would say in Spanish, she being from the same region as me. So of course, I must support. Keep an eye out for her...she surely will be a great success! For more info visit her MySpace and for some free songs (legal, she uploaded herself :) ) click here. Enjoy!

*Gabriel has coined the term Chic Geeks to describe the new genre of Mexican/Latin alternative female musicians due to their indie/bohemian/rocker music which is the opposite of the more POPular sugar-coded sounds that prevail

{ Images Via :: Club Fonograma :: Carla Morrison TV :: Last FM :: Last FM }

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