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Friday, May 21, 2010

colorfulness of helen

As a designer (and aspiring textile/surface/pattern creator) I'm always on the look-out for the most colorful and decorative designs which inspire me to keep doing what I do.

A few months ago my eyes were caught in a gaze as I came across the colorful work of Helen Dardik. I just fell in love with her illustrative whimsy.

Some of her pattern design seems a bit folk-y for my taste, so I don't see using it in my home being that I'm more of an eclectic minimalist, but looking at it makes me happy.

I would, however, hang a piece of art on my wall, something like this, maybe (hmmm, I think buying Katie Daisy's Sweet Bird has given me the 'art' shopping bug).

This one seems very appropriate for a little girl's room, Pretty in Bright Pink, Don't you think?

{ Images Via :: One Lucky Helen :: Helen Dardik on Etsy :: Orange You Lucky }


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