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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

bochic love

By now you know I have a fascination with jewelry, I have posted about it many times after all. And, I'm not typically a diamonds type-of-girl (I wouldn't reject a gift of diamonds, of course!), I like anything sparkly & decorative that catches my eye. Well, I was just swept away by the most beautiful jewelry you can feast your eyes on...I've gone to Jewelry Heaven (wait, I think I've said that of Carole Tanenbaum's Vintage finds, too)!

Bochic, where was I to have missed gazing at your beauty for so long?

Aren't these the most exquisite creations ever?!

Of course the First Lady dons these lavish jewels, too.

They're not the most affordable, but...Yes Please! A girl can always dream.

These are just some of my favorite pieces (everything on the site is my favorite).

You'll surely be as mesmerized as I was when you view the complete line on their site.

{ Images Via :: Bochic }


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