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Thursday, May 27, 2010

the cutest wedding invite

In the four months that I've been blogging I don't think I've ever posted an invitation I didn't design. Well, today is that day.

I came across the cutest Wedding Invitation through head vs. heart and I simply fell in love with the illustrations. Aren't those bride and groom dollies adorable. Andres, the groom and designer, created these mellow-yellow invites for the big day with his love, Junia. They're so simple in the way everything is laid out, but I so love how the colors and illustrations come together. So nontraditional; more like a gig-poster which is well suited since they're such music lovers (check out this post).

The gray and yellow color palette is one of my favorites, and this Amy Butler design they used as a backer really ties everything together perfectly (LOVE Amy Butler...I want to be her when I grow up!!).

I like how he incorporated the yellow banners to carry the headlines for each piece. This large flower reminds me of one I used to draw when I was in elementary school (I've been trying to incorporate it into a pattern for a while...I'll show you soon).

Andres is a talented designer, and, may I add, works for envy!! And (yes, another 'and'), come to find out, their wedding was in my backyard of Chula Vista, so cool they're (or were) locals. Check out Andres' blog for insight on more of their Wedding Invite Suite, along with images on Style Me Pretty of the big day; Love It!

{ Images Via :: soundslikeyouandme }


  1. Hey LizzyB!
    Thanks so so so much for the awesome words! I saw your Minted widget ;) Lookin good!
    See you in the challenges! Keep up the good work

  2. Hi Andres. You're so welcome. As I mentioned in the post, I'd never posted someone else's invite, but yours truly drew me in...Congratulations to you both on your marriage!!

  3. Hi LizzyB! Andres told me I had to check out your post! I'm glad I did, and feel so happy that you decided to post our invitations when you never really do that :) Super sweet! I'll be adding your blog to my Reader now and look forward to future posts! :)


Hi. Thanks for the input.

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