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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i'm here and there

Hi there, just checking in this mid-week while I take a short break from a long list of LizzyB things I have to do.

As I get closer to hitting the seven month mark of having started this blog I've come to realize how great it makes me feel to have a space where I share with everyone my inspirations on design, but one doesn't always feel as inspired to share as other days.

I'm trying to move forward as well as have this blog evolve to include more of my own work, so from now on I'll be popping in less frequently while I work on LizzyB projects which I'll share with you as I have available. I'm planning many projects for the upcoming Fall and Holiday Season, both through LizzyB and with EndorfinaEstética, a design company Gabriel and I have been trying to develop, so look forward to those.

If I do find something which really keeps me in awe and I just have to share, I'll pop in and tell you all about it. For now, enjoy this great image of Audrey Hepburn as she sits pretty and pensive. I'll be back soon with a break down of my projects and some visual + sparkle of them as well.

Have a great day!

{ Image Via :: FFFFound }


Hi. Thanks for the input.

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