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Friday, August 6, 2010

happy weekend + inspirational art

Hello, hello. This week has been a long one, TGIF!

The other day I was doing some image research and finding inspiration for the current Minted Design Challenge, and in looking for something in particular (of which I hardly found anything) I came across precisely what I was in need of seeing.

Don't you sometimes feel that things happen for a reason? That you come across certain objects, people, or sayings just at the precise moment when you need them? Well, that's what happened to me when I came across the beautiful work of Venezuelan artist Valentina Ramos.

I had been feeling a bit un-inspired lately, just moving with the motions, but when I saw these hand-drawn swirly creations by Valentina something triggered in me and made me realize exactly what the message said.

I'm loving her hand-drawn circles and swirls which create the larger design elements, and also how every detail is created with texture not just a solid shape. These certainly put a different spin on those cheesy inspirational posters you find in corporate offices, no?!

This is just small sample of Valentina's work, I'll share more with you next week because there's sooo much more to see; some great 3-D creations...can you imagine?!

Happy weekend.

{ Images Via :: Valentina Ramos :: Etsy }


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