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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

an album cover invite

I've shared examples in the past of invite designs I really liked, something I rarely do because hey, I design invites my self. But every now and then something really cool calls my attention, be it for the design/illustrative quality or the construction itself, and this example I found via FPO (UnderConsideration) is no exception.

I'm quite familiar with album cover-type invites being that Gabriel and I created one for my mom's 60th Birthday Party, but this one really went all the way. I'm loving how the name of the 'band' is the soon-to-be family name.

As an invitation designer, and due to the saturated market already, I'm always on the look-out for creative ways of interpreting an event on paper. How cool is the copy? 'Married at the Museum'...album title or venue?! :)

This totally looks like an I skim through it, I don't see it as an invitation, and that's a cool thing.

This album cover idea is a great way to include all the pertinent information...plenty of room.

It's great how they included the schedule as the song tracks on the back! For more images and to see the entire Wedding Invite check out For Print Only. Love it!!

{ Images Via :: UnderConsideration }


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