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Friday, August 20, 2010

christmas is just around the corner

It's that time of the year when kiddies are going back to school, summer is winding down (although you can't tell due to the tremendous heat now-a-days), and, most importantly, Fall Holiday decorations are slowly creeping into the local stores.

Every time I start seeing Halloween or Thanksgiving Day decorations in the store in early September I begin feeling nostalgic. It's a sense of having another year come to an end and knowing that you better cross off the items on your yearly to-do list if you want to complete them by New Years. Well, aside from having seen bulk packages of Christmas ribbon in my local big-box store the other day (in August!!!!), this arrived in my in-box today. A 2011 Calendar!!

Linda & Harriett has released their monthly project and it's a beautifully illustrated 2011 calendar. Just another hint that Christmas and all the great Fall/Winter holidays are just around the corner.

Happy Weekend. Oh, and just to keep you in the loop, I made it through my first couple of days of singing class. Haven't learned if I'll be thrown out due to my horrendous voice as we're just doing group voice warm-ups, but hopefully by Christmas I'll be singing like the birds!! :)

{ Images Via :: Linda & Harriet }


  1. How beautiful! I found you through the Lovely Blogger List :)

  2. Why hello Diana, thanks for visiting my blog. Isn't the Lovely Blogger list a great way to meet people from all over the world!!? :) Welcome.
    ~ Lizelly


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