Tuesday, March 30, 2010

el monero

Last week I shared with you the adorable Parodiakis. Well, since I posted about them I received a comment from the designer himself, Arturo Torres, and I had the opportunity of viewing a sample of the rest of his portfolio.

I came across yet more cuteness with his what I call '-itos' (when adding 'ito' or 'ita' to a spanish word it makes it a diminutive), such as the 'perrito' (puppy), 'gatito' (kitten), 'ratoncito' (mouse). I was instantly drawn to this 'conejita' with her sparkly eyes.

I love the simple lines and details in the illustrations.

This 'ratoncito' is another of my favorites.

Here's a patch-eyed 'perrito'. Adorable!

And my last of the favorites...'el conejito'.

Make sure to check out the rest of 'El Monero's' portfolio, filled with other great animations, illustrations, and logo designs.

{ Images Via :: El Monero }


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