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Monday, December 12, 2011

squirrel baby shower decor

Last Monday I shared with you the squirrel Baby Shower Invitations I designed for my sister-in-law. Well, now I have for you a few of the decorative elements I created for the centerpieces, wall decor, games, favors and corsages.

As you can tell, the theme of the whole event was Squirrels. She'll be using the soft, rosy pinks and browns for the future nursery, so I went with the same color palette for the Baby Shower, but added a dazzling of gold here and there.

All of the signage, menus, and notes used the same graphic elements as the invitation. For the centerpieces above I painted the vases gold, used pink Carnations and Baby's Breath from the Farmer's Market, filled the empty space with pink tulle and tied a bow out of brown ribbon with pink polka-dots.

I inserted the squirrel motifs I illustrated everywhere to tie everything together. These above were a simple doily cut-out I created to place in front of the helium balloon base. It's all in the details, right?!

For wall hangings throughout the venue, I created these paper fan arrangements out of the leftover invitation paper. Paper fans were another recurring theme in the decor; from the wall hangings to the corsages. Of course, the squirrel was a must here too, so I traced the shape on glittery, metallic gold card-stock and cut it out to place over a doily.

Smaller pink paper fans with a gold polka-dotted cut-out circle hung in a strand below the larger one with the squirrel.

And yet again, more paper fans. These were created out of another great find of hand made paper with pink and gold designs.

A squirrel printed on textured paper was a simple addition to the paper fan, and these were cut with a doily-shaped punch. I just added a corsage closure to the back and these were set.

For a fun game, I created the pacifier charm necklaces with more brown and pink polka-dot ribbon.

And, finally, as favors, I attempted for the first time to make cake pops. After much research on the wonderful Bakerella site and praying that they turned out ok, the pops were a hit...and they were delicious too!! Of course they had to be chocolate with pink chocolate coating (as you'll see below).

Another pacifier charm tied on a pink ribbon accompanied the favor tag and polka-dot paper cone (luckiest find ever: I found the craft paper with brown and pink polka dots at my local Dollar Store. It's as if it were calling me when I saw it from the corner of my eye as I asked the store attendant a question. A total last minute find!).

This event proved to be a testament to my creativity under pressure...and under budget, too!! Many great surprises were found after some of the initial decor plans had to be scrapped. Always let yourself go with the flow when things don't seem to go how you envision. I can honestly say everything you see in the images above were plan b, and it turned out to be better than I had imagined.

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